ANNG stands for Australian National NFT Gallery. it is based in Melbourne, Australia.
Our goal is to promote the creation and exchange of ideas between the art world and blockchain enthusiasts. In that process, we want to expand out from the NFT space and connect the Australian art scene to the world of technological innovation.
Application for exhibiting at ANNG in 2023 is now open!
             want to exhibit with us? applications for 2024 are now open!
ANNG invites artists, curators, and creative practitioners of all fields and mediums to apply. ANNG offers technical assistance to help you mint your artwork as an NFT.
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Full name
Email address
Please specify the type of medium you work in
- whether is physical only, digital only or both
1 page artist CV
Artist(s) bio (max. 100 words per person)
Project Summary (max. 250 words)
Briefly outline the concept of your project (what inspired the work, topics addressed in the work), including a suggested title of the exhibition if you have any in mind
Up to 10 supporting materials - can be images or video/audio/links to portfolio etc.

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and our team will get in touch!
Reach out to us via any of our social media channels!
Level 17, 60 Albert Road,
South Melbourne VIC 3205